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Many couples who dream of having a baby, but for some reason can not do it for a long time, turn to a specialist who advises to have sex under a certain schedule. This is due to the fact that for fertilization there are favorable and unfavorable moments of menstrual cycle in women. Korean scientists have proven reverse side of this regulation of intimate life of couples. Sex just for the sake of child conception, occurring on specific schedule, is not only a difficult emotional test for a man, which increases likelihood of cheating, but also direct reason for weak erection.

Results of the Study

Scheduled Sex may cause Impotence in MenErectile dysfunction, caused by planned sex, was studied on more than 400 volunteers. During the study, all men underwent sexological, urological and psychological tests. As a result, it was found that men who regularly attempt to conceive a child and adhere to female menstrual calendar, observe physiological and psychological sexual disorders that ultimately lead to impotence. In responses of these men there were such confessions as «I quickly finish», «I do not have sexual attraction to my wife», «erection becomes weaker». Observation lasted for six months, and at the end of this period impotence was diagnosed in four out of every ten men who had sex on schedule. In addition, out of ten such men, at least one began to cheat on his permanent partner.

How to Fight with It?

It is worth noting that reasons for such statistics are not in dislike for children or fear of great responsibility, namely in regulation and monotony of sexual life, submission of its to one purpose. Experts argue that prospect of sex on schedule introduces a man into stress, which leads to increase in stress hormone level – cortisol, and it in its turn suppresses synthesis of testosterone. Namely, both sexual desire and success of conception of a child depend on testosterone.

Many methods have been developed to treat erectile dysfunction (medicamental, surgical and even folk remedies), but in this case psychological side of the issue plays a big role. Experts who conducted this experiment gave the main advice to the subjects: to pay more attention to natural passion, to concentrate on pleasure and not to regulate and formalize their sexual life, even for the sake of such a goal as conception of a child. Sex should not only occur on days that were prescribed by the doctor, but at any time when desire arises. This helps to get rid of impotence and increase chances of having a long-awaited child.