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According to statistics, every man puts his erectile function in the second place in importance after financial independence. Few know that potency in addition to nutrition, ecology, lifestyle and heredity, depends on other, uninvolved and unusual factors.

Factors Influencing Erectile Function

Profession. According to statistics a third part of men of all ages complains that they «quickly finish» or «have weak erection». At the same time, managers and people with high level of intelligence are more often exposed to failures during sexual intercourses. Scientists point to risk groups – high-tech workers face these problems more often than specialists in other fields of activity. Doctors say that there is a shift in the disease towards young age. A well-known sexologist Rosenthal believes that this happens in specialists with «sedentary» work: programmers, drivers, doctors, etc.Factors that influence erectile function

Lack of foreplay. Physicians at Massachusetts Institute of Andrology found that insufficient foreplay during love-making can provoke impotence. And men’s affection towards partner is of great importance. According to the results of research, in incompletely excited woman vagina secretes neuropeptide – substance that worsens potency. It is able to be absorbed into partner’s blood through skin and, as a result of accumulation, during several years of regular sexual acts without foreplay, cause erectile dysfunction.

Water. A group of scientists from Johns Hopkins University found that improvement of potency is possible after water procedures or drinking water. They carried out research, which resulted in discovery that water relaxes, invigorates, relieves fatigue, and can also enhance male erection. This is due to the fact that it improves blood circulation and dilates blood vessels. To treat impotence and achieve success at the end of sexual intercourses experts recommend men taking a shower or bath before making love.

Shop receipts. According to research of German scientists ink on shop receipts contains toxic substance – bisphenol A, which is capable of causing impotence. Berlin urologist Frank Sommer claims that this chemical substance can change balance of male hormones in direction of increasing female estrogens. It reduces sexual desire and negatively affects potency. Bisphenol A penetration into the body is possible after touching mouth with hands that touched receipt from the supermarket.

The sun. Scientists found that staying in the sun not only increases vitamin D content, but also increases testosterone levels in men. One participant of the study said that men who provide body with enough vitamin D during a year do not suffer from lack of sexual desire, sperm production and decreased libido. According to scientists, having spent at least 1 hour in the sun, a man will increase his testosterone level by 69%.