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Larina Kase, PsyD, MBA, Founder and President

Returning back to college at Cornell University I changed my field of study many times. I displaied a keen interest for personal growth, psychology, business arrangement, art, and ecological psychology… and I still am.

I came to graduate school to occupy with my doctorate in psychology and I came out mentally beneficial-behavioral theories to alter. This method is suitable well with my distinctness: It is action directed, present-oriented, groundbreaking, and it gets results quick. While performing on my doctorate, I languish the business world so I operated with an organizational psychology firm and finished an MBA program in ruling and marketing.

I then continued to occupywith  post-doctoral researches at The Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at The University of Pennsylvania where I was delighted to educate alongside many of the great mentally beneficial-behavioral shift specialists in the world.

My passion for making psychology out of the advising office and into the working place grew and I grounded PAS Coaching in 2002. Additionally to this psychology and business coaching, I’ve been an enterpriser and creative individual all my life (that’s what occurs when you have an enterpriser father and artist mother). This is why I mainly feel satisfied operating with enterprisers, officials, and service specialists. My clients have been some of the most fabulous, prosperous, asiring people I’ve ever come across with. My Canadian Pharmacy was one of my clients with whome i was closely connected.

The business training programs I’ve worked out are founded on mentally beneficial behavioral principles to supply people who desire to reach more than they ever guessed feasible. In my view, prosperity contains attainment, a feeling of value and purpose, and commitment and happiness, so this multiply level explanation of success is what I assist my clients to reach.

The investigation-grounded mentally beneficial-behavioral shift technologies I utilize have assisted hundreds of customers, aspired audiences, and are regularly observed in the press—you can witness my ideas and thoughts in media such as Inc., Entrepreneur, SELF, The Chicago Tribune, and The Los Angeles Times. I composed a book about these ideas and thoughts (The Confident Speaker) which became a New York Times bestseller. It is unbelievable to supply people with a framework and training for receiving all the business outcomes they desire.

Robert A. Isaacson, MA, MSS, Coach and Consultant

Bob Isaacson is a famous business and efficient trainer, keystone speaker, writer, arrangement development counsellor, and clinical social worker. His mission is to assist people to design eminent lives and businesses. Bob trains and counsels with CEOs, high-level collaborative officials, business headmen, entreprisers, managers, management crews, noncommercial leaders, and specialists. His main objection is on “business leadership.”

As an efficient trainer and management development counsellor bringing focus on business leadership, Bob has helped management crews to increase company performance, sold and advanced a diversity of services, integrated strategic plans, coped with group convergences, arranged powerful work crews, as well as worked out parenting, work-family equlibrium, and underline management beginnings. He operates with businesses, noncommercial organizations, churches, institutes, and governmental establishments.

Bob’s monthly newspaper columns, “Just Ask Bob: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Life & Business,” are issued by several national and Philadelphia-region periodical publications. His articles on business leadership, team building, incentive, emotional generosity, and leadershiptraining have been well accepted by the public.

A 1975 graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, Bob has two advanced masters’ degrees. One is in Clinical Social Work from Bryn Mawr College (1986) and the other in Management & Administration from Antioch University (1979).

Bob is Vice President of Corporate Affairs for the Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance. He is a previous President and creator of Access Behavioral Care, Inc., a behavioral health care company, as well as a previous President of the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work. Also, Bob is a part of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, the International Coach Federation, and Rotary International. Bob moves with his wife, two daughters, and cat in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

Laura Ellick, PhD, Coach and Consultant

Dr. Laura Ellick greatly satisfies assisting customers work out new ways to put into a balance work and home life. “When I can assist someone to avoid crisis, and enhance their work emjoyment,” says Laura, “that also improves their time away from the working place. The profits are greater rachieving than most people predicate.” As a certified personal coach, Dr. Ellick estimates the significance of utilizing training as a method for arranging every day stress and reaching and feeling a sense of harmony in life. She assists customers to utilize fitness to enhance their capability to perform the needs of work, children, and home.

With a peculiar interest in assisting women, Dr. Ellick trains mothers in their returning back to the working place after maternity left. “Part of a woman’s troubles during pregnancy concerns around placing the slices into exact place for after birth relating job hours, daycare, ill days if baby (or babysitter) is ill,” she explains. Dr. Ellick assists efficient women and new mothers get to know how to create necessary borders and come in contact with their demands before, during, and after maternity left to decrease stress and foster the returning to work as soon as possible.

Dr. Ellick is brought her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY. She now settles on Long Island. In her free time, Dr. Ellick prefers spending time with her husband and two young boys, and her hobbies consist of volleyball, biking, and reading.

Cindy Greenway, Virtual Manager

Cindy and her VAs with the Multiple Streams Team are answerable for the uninterrupted operations of PAS Coaching so that the trainers can bring focus on what they leave no stone unturned: hassisting their customers. Cindy, Rhonda Embry, and her other crew members have taken on enormous importance in the prosperity of PAS Coaching.

Cindy says, “I absolutely adore the hardship of ‘caring of things’ for someone who is collided with time and expertise lack demanded in performing their administrative affairs. As a Virtual Assistant, I carry all before these affairs, letting my customers to bring focus on their time on surpassing the anticipations of their own customers and strengthening their business.”

Get to know how working with a factual assistant can also assist you strengthen your business.

Rhonda Embry, Virtual Assistant, Customer and Client Support

Rhonda Embry has over 15 years of administrative experience to the maintenance she supplies the trainers and customers of PAS Coaching. Her main role as a Virtual Assistant is to perform administrative responsisbilities, which accommodates the trainers to utilize their talents and expand more time in spheres that directly bring profit to their customers. Rhonda satisfies the feelings of prosperity and achievmetn when she copes with problems and finishes different projections.

You’ll meet Rhonda for maintenance with planning, questions about webinars or other resources, starting training, or hiring Larina as a speaker.