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If you face sudden cash flow constraints, you may want to handle the issue with short-term business financing. When you park the money in long-term investments, you may utilize classic long-term business funding. However, for unforeseen short-term expenditures, short-term financing may be a way out.

As specified by staff – John Massey and Jake Haddox, short-term business loans may be a way out for existing business projects that need to cope with the problem of a sudden shortage of funds.

What are short-term loans?

Short-term business loans can be a great solution to consider during sudden cash shortages, such as seasonal downturns. These loans may offer growth increase or additional investment financing.

A short-term business loan can even be issued to create and advance a business’s credit profile. This can be considered as a valuable asset if the owner of the busuniess makes up his mind to get extra loans in the future.

Be aware of the fact that borrowing extra funds may not handle all the issues that a businessman may face. In general, it would be reasonable to assay of how your business is currently engaged in financial management and see if any changes need to be made right now to rule out problems in the future.

Keep in mind that short-term business cash advance is oriented on temporal support for the financial needs. It is expected the short-term business loan will be paid back within a couple of years.

How to submit an application for a short-term business loan?

If you get extra funding, it can be transferred as a one-time deposit. This payment, including any interest accured, will be refunded within several years. “Classic” lenders sometimes provide an opportunity to obtain a line of credit. A line of credit is a predetermined monetary amount issued by a bank or credit union. Such lenders allow the capability of covering interest only together with the principal amount of the loan.

As an alternative, let’s imagine you’re searching for an option other than “classic” lenders. In this case, some companies focus on a specific business sphere and propose specific and individual offers in accordance with the business needs.

When deciding on a short-term business loan, assess the current market value, interest rates, terms, requirements, and depositing term. The lender may also require to provide collateral when applying for a lending product. Collateral can be applied to assets such as property, equipment, or even real estate.

The application can be completed online or offline. The cost of financial assistance will eventually depend on the prospects of the business, the business’s credit rating and your credit rating.

Short description of this financial option

Your loan supplier will specify the repayment terms and the basic cost of your financing for your business loan. This will be partially based on your query as well as other variables. Here are the highlights:

  • The amount of your funding may differ. Short-term business loans can offer smaller amounts, making them a reliable option for companies with a demand in small dollar loans.
  • The term will vary depending on the lender and the situation. The term may vary from several months to several years, although short-term financing options usually tend to be shorter.
  • Fees for short-term business loans can vary greatly depending on the lender and your specific financial situation.
  • Short-term business financing is primarily intended for businesses with a financial history of at least two years. Please note that this lending option is not the same as investing in a startup. If you need working capital for your new venture, you should instead apply for startup sponsoring that doesn’t require a long credit history.

What is the aim of the the short-term loan?

Before you start applying for a short-term business loan, it’s best to think about the loan purpose. In other words, why do you think your business needs a short-term business loan? Having analyzed your goal, you will not only be better prepared for creating a business plan and meeting with creditors, but you will also be capable to feel even more confident in the development of your business and on the way to completely new advancing opportunities and financial motion.

Thinking about the reasons for issuing a short-term loan will allow you to choose the conditions that are best suited for your loan, estimate the amount of working capital that you will need, and choose a lender.

Do all possible research, consider your options, make comments, highlight the essential factors that must be included in your business plan, and don’t be afraid to ask questions at any specified time.

Advantages of the business financial assistance

  • If got approved, you can get funds between them in just one week. This type of business funding is depositing faster than other cash advances for business purposes, since obtaining a short-term loan is usually more urgent.
  • Financing on a traditional long-term loan requires a lot of paperwork. This usually does not apply to short-term business investing.
  • Short-term business loans can help to withstand a shortage of a cash flow. Perhaps you had problems with your business during a crisis during the year or you are working to meet sudden demands that have arisen in your market sector.
  • During the holiday season, there is an urgent need to hire additional employees. Sometimes they can even cause a leakage in cash flow.
  • Your business may need equipment that is currently burdensome for your budget. There may also be a situation when an important part of the equipment requires urgent repair, and you do not have enough funds for this.


  • Depending on your credit rating and your company’s financial history, you may face high fees when applying for short-term business options. A good way to estimate how high your interest rate will be is to count the number of alternatives. If this number is small, you will most likely pay higher fees.
  • The lender may also request collateral to secure the loan. In some cases, the collateral may be your property. However, if the amount of financial assistance is worth more than your property, the collateral should probably be something else.
  • Shorter repayment periods can be difficult to keep track of. Late fees associated with missed payments can plunge borrowers into even more debt.
  • Short-term business loans can be expensive to pay back due to high interest rates. Therefore, business owners should approach loans with high interest rates with caution. If they are not paid back on due dates, they can cause great harm to the new startups.

What are the alternatives of short-term business loans?

We have discussed your main short-term business loan, but let’s underline other forms of lending that you may be considering.

Line of credit – business owners can receive funds at any time, but it is also possible to set a limit if the business owner or lender decides to do so. With a business line of credit, the business owner receives the basic interest rate and can choose a semi-annual or annual extension.

Accounts receivable is defined solely as a cash flow loan. The financing of accounts receivable allows the company to get access to the outstanding capital that is associated with unpaid bills. The lender will provide the company with a cash advance and will charge a monthly fee.

Merchant cash advance – you receive your cash relatively quickly, and then pay it back over the next few months at the expense of part of the sales on your credit card. However, MCA can be relatively expensive compared to other options.

Business credit cards – can be a good option for expenses that don’t exceed $10,000, especially when you can pay the bill every month before interest starts to accrue.

Equipment funding – is intended for business owners who are constantly faced with the need to buy or rent new and used machinery or equipment. To apply for this loan, you need to fill out only a minimum set of documents.

Summing up the results of short-term business financing

Short-term business loans are not only intended for financial emergencies. The short-term financing option may be a viable solution if you don’t want to turn down a lucrative commercial deal, but you don’t have enough cash to implement it. Short-term business financing can be suitable for any company that is willing to pay higher fees in order to get relatively quick access to working capital.