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How Much It Will Cost to Attend a Baseball Game

Baseball is a very popular game in the USA. The Los Angeles Dodgers are the most favored American professional baseball team based in Los Angeles.

It was always surprising how thousands of spectators gather in the stands every time. Why do not they get bored of sitting up late watching a less-than-dynamic game? And how much does it cost to attend a game?

Happy ticket

Task number one is to buy a ticket for the game. You’d better do this in advance. However, you can buy them not only at the Dodgers stadium but also in a number of supermarkets, press shops and other intermediaries. This, by the way, is much more profitable – you can save almost half the amount.

There are two ways to order a ticket online – either on the official MLB Ticketmaster service or on the StubHub exchange. A ticket from the club will cost you from $10 to $700 in boxes and directly in the front rows of the central sectors. Although the price is quite high, attending a baseball game s a dream of many people. Recently, some fans from Orogen have even taken online payday loans Oregon to reserve the best seats. This lending product is very popular all across the USA because payday loans have simple borrower eligibility requirements, applicants are processed 24/7, and the money can be received instantly.

There are various offers – for example, Coca-Cola packs, which, in addition to the ticket, also include a glass of soda with a Dodgers branded hot dog. Or a comprehensive package for visiting several games – from $10 to $30. The most profitable, of course, is to buy a season ticket – the cost of one match is almost half the price.

Season ticket holders attend, however, at best half of the matches, and more often a quarter or a third. Therefore, the basic plan is 35 home meetings. Season ticket holders have the opportunity to assign the right to attend a specific match, for which the StubHub service is used. Accordingly, the prices there are noticeably less – about $6 dollars per game. The official service immediately sets a lot of extra charges – ticket collection, internet collection and delivery charges As a result, the ticket price increases by $10.

Go meet the Dodgers!

Getting to the stadium is quite easy – it is located in close proximity to Downtown and the downtown area. If you get there by car, you will have to pay another $10 for parking. If you wish, choose a section and place (the arena is large) – $35. An alternative is a public transport. An express train starts to run to the Dodgers stadium every 10 minutes – from the central metro station and Union buses, an hour and a half before the start of each game, and every half hour from the start of the first inning of the match. They also walk in the opposite direction, one after the other – after the end of the meeting. A bus ticket is a match ticket, although, in general, no one checks it. However, this transport is not very popular – most people prefer cars. Moreover, there is enough space around the arena to park for free, provided that you arrived in advance.

The game lasts a long time, interesting things on the pitch do not happen so often, so no one is in a hurry to start directly into the bowl of the stadium. Although there are special performances for those who came early. From time to time, all children under the age of 14 are allowed to play baseball on the field (after the team’s warm-up). Another invariable element of the show – the guest star makes the symbolic first throw of the ball. In this role, celebrities are constantly used. A few years ago, these were the Korean singer PSY and Britney Spears.

Periodically (once every two or three home games), various promotions are held – the first 50 thousand ticket holders receive various souvenirs, each time different. This can be a T-shirt or figurine of a Dodgers player, or headphones or glasses from a partner or sponsor. This is not just a game, this is a big show in which baseball itself is just one of the components.

Shops and stalls will cause you to spend more money

An integral part of American sports is creating the maximum conditions under which the fan will spend more money. Dodgers Stadium is no exception. There are more than 14 shops and stalls with club goods alone – almost in every sector. The assortment is very diverse – from branded baseballs for $8 and other small souvenirs to the original form for $300-400. There are collectible bats and balls, figurines of players of the present and past, many children’s toys and women’s clothing models. It is not surprising that almost everyone who visits the stadium considers it their duty to spend at least $10 here.

Food costs a little less – $6 – $8 for various hot dogs, including the branded one, about the same for beer, local and imported, both with reduced alcohol content and with regular. This does not lead to any excesses, and there is no security in the bowl of the stadium as such, even in the form of stewards. More precisely, they exist, but they are few in number and completely invisible.

The audience is having fun as best they can. There are many game pauses, and they are filled not only with advertising but also with various video shows: a camera for kissing, a camera for dancing. The spectators are “snatched” by the operators from any sector, and everyone seeks to prove themselves in front of the entire stadium – both a brutal Californian-looking gangster and elderly tourists from Asia.

In general, even spending $10 on a game, you get a solid portion of various kinds of entertainment, and baseball is only a component, albeit the most important one, that unites everything else. Well, for a hundred or two, you can arrange a shopping tour, enjoy a hearty meal, and even visit the field itself. Shows in America are loved by everyone – rich and poor, children and adults, Americans and foreigners. Therefore, baseball is in great demand here.