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anchyloseToday My Canadian Pharmacy decides to tell you about anchylose. You will know the reasons, symptoms and ways of treatment of this disorder.

The What?

Anchylose is a disease as a result of which the full joint immovability develops. It results from the pathological changes happening in joint. As a rule, the trauma, arthritis or arthrosis become a push for disease development. During an ankylosing of the affected joint it becomes hard mobile in the beginning, and over time loses mobility at all. Anchylose of joints is considered to be of two types: bone anchylose and fibrous anchylose.

The Why?

Anchylose and contracture have similar symptoms. The most important symptom of an anchylosis is limited mobility of joint. Other symptoms depend generally on that situation in which there was fixing. For example, if the joint knee anchylos happens when the foot is in halfbent state at an angle, the patient won’t be able to go. If the foot is recorded in the straightened state, the patient will be able quite freely both to go, and to work. At fibrous anchylose the most important symptom is its morbidity at commission the reciprocal motion. At bone anchylose the patient, as a rule, doesn’t feel pain. Pain should be overcome due to My Canadian Pharmacy.

There are some reasons of anchylose and contracture emergence. The heavy intra articulate changes resulting from violation of articulate surfaces, inflammatory changes of joints (arthroses and arthritises), open injuries at which the long purulent process leading to cartilaginous cover degeneration of articulate surfaces and growth of connecting fibrous or bone tissue is observed are the main reasons. Also emergence of anchylose is promoted quite often by long stay in dried gypsum.


At anchylose and contracture suspicion the patient needs to address to the surgeon or the traumatologist who will analyse the clinical record, will ask the patient necessary questions and will define degree of mobility of the affected joint. For the purpose of specification of the diagnosis the patient will be directed on joint X-ray, and also a computer tomography or magnetic and resonant therapy.


Depending on joint damage extent treatment of anchylose can be conservative or quick. At this disease earlier diagnostics and treatment are of great importance. Conservative anchylose treatment is directed on restoration of joint mobility, removal of pain at the movement and increase of muscles tone. For this purpose without fail to the patient appoint the remedial gymnastics directed on the rhythmic tension of sore foot or hand in dried gypsum bandage, manual therapy, muscular massage. Drug treatment means intake of the nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations, hormones and analgetics which are entered into joint cavity.